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King Daddy Dee|United States

I enjoy being used by the Holy Spirit to encourage like believers to continue to pray in the spirit and listen to the word of God each day. This is one of the most important things we can do to fulfill our mission being a COG. Jesus is Lord

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United States (New York)

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I enjoy being used by God, doing the very best I can each day, fulfilling my assignment on earth and to be a blessing according to God's perfect will in the name of Jesus. We have a declaration ministries that gets people excited about declaring a great deal of words which line up with the word of God. We have 2 volumes to date. (Volume 1 is available free online stream at our blog) Volume 2 is available only as a download. Our downloads are blessing many believers everyday. Let's all be about our father's business and support the kingdom where he (The Holy Spirit) tells us and do out part also. The best way to know your doing right is to keep in contact with God through the Holy Spirit and praying in the spirit is key. Fasting and prayer is also.

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When we release words of faith that line up with the word of God and we declare them everyday in the name of Jesus we are setting ourselves up for major change according to God's perfect will. For best results remember to never try it daily but only do it daily. Doing is faith, trying is not.

King Daddy Dee

Covid is a problem but the real pandemic in America is the 800,000 children that go missing every year. This must change! DOWNLOAD THIS PDF PRAYER BELOW FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND THE CHILDREN. WE SHOULD PRAY THESE DAILY: https://t.co/A5vsmCIT2U


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King Daddy Dee

For those who are married, I was led to create a great PDF ebook for married couples so you can declare blessings over your spouse every day. Here is the free download address...

King Daddy Dee

Be sure to listen to this concerning the blessing of Abraham. You will be blessed! https://soundcloud.com/bible-affirmations/scriptures-on-the-blessing-of-abraham-clearer-versio

King Daddy Dee

Your words matters. Every word that we say out of our mouth matters. The spiritual realm is where everything happens and the spirit realm does not know if we are serious or joking, it just supports what we say, so it's best to say what you really desire and what lines up with God's promises.

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King Daddy Dee 는 새로운 블로그항목 I Believe I Receive Volume 2 is available for downloading를 추가했습니다.

I Believe I Receive Volume 2 is available for downloading

Our lastest installment of our prized declarations are available now for downloading for only $8. Almost 2 hours, 19 tracks of biblical declarations spoken by Dr. Adia Taylor and Darryl William Crawford, bible…

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I Believe I Receive Volume 2 is available for downloading

I Believe I Receive Volume 2 is available for downloading

Our lastest installment of our prized declarations are available now for | 더 보기

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