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Mar 31, 2016

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    I guess ultimately my dream would be to produce definitive sexy mini dresses design classics.A box, beer can, radiator key and kimono fabric were used to build a pin hole camera in a collaboration between photographer Steven Jones and shoe designer Hetty Rose which culminated in a photo shoot where the camera was as hand-made as the shoes.The favours were small candy jars with sweets in and a personalised sticker.Download Download Princess Apple White gets married!Other decorations included clear jewels (from Ebay), black paper petal flowers and tea-lights scattered across every surface I could find.were openly available via the By Appointment Only Design website.There are so many amazing websites, services and creative people that I want to write about, but one that has been at the top of my list for a while now, is the fabulous, Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing CompanyAll Imagery Copyright (C) 2009, Natasha BailieLeft: Vintage 1950&#39;Our clothing is couture with hours of hand sewing detail.

    I loved the vintage silk chiffon fabric with the foxglove print which came from the AnnaBelinda archive, and I think we used the last of it so it made it extra special to know that I was the last person who would have a dress made with it&quot; Love My Dress Wedding Blog Photography Copyright (c) 2010, mini dress Olivia Shaw PhotographyLooking for suppliers?Shower, breakfast, and time to get ready for the hair stylist coming round at 4.Kirstie told me&quot;I get a lot of my inspiration from old and new films, and this time for the Wonderland collection I sought inspiration from the new Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland film that is to be released this year.Imagine then, my face full of glee when I found out about how the fabulous Shoe Designer Hetty Rose (as featured here on Love My Dress) had teamed up with Photographer Steven Jones, on an exciting new collaboration, the results of which are now on exhibition at Libertys Shoe Boutique (Floor 2), for 2 weeks, as part of London Fashion Week.We both love to travel so leaving our comfort zone is always a welcomed experience.

    You have done all you can and anything that does happen on the day will be kept away from you.As his gift i got him (which he made again!I believe that the purchase of a bride&#39;s wedding gown is one of the most important and emotional decisions of her life.and eventually decided on a quintessential English garden wedding with a vintage/antique twist.Joanne has recently added a new set of designs to her collection sexy mini dress  and they are so pretty!And wouldn&#39;t these make the most delightful alternative to the usual style of little flowergirls dress?I just have to add the my gorgeous hubby is a killer dancer (my own personal John Travolta!We knew the third and the final wedding would need to be more fun and creative- and having guests from all over we wanted a more laid back atmosphere so our guests would be encouraged to mingle.

    amp;quot;Our packaging is always compostable and all of our waste is recycled.Renee says she has collected many typewriters from various parts of the world&#39;My collection consist of Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Flemish, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, and British typewriter keys.Kit borrowed a tiara from her sister, Sam and also sported a fabulous Links of London sweetie bracelet given by the groom the night before Kit&#39;s Florist was Eleventh Flower in Brighton Resplendent in RaspberryKit&#39;s Bridesmaids looked resplendent in their Raspberry Maxi dresses from Coast &quot;Having our son as the ring bearer was the best part of the day but it really was the best day ever!I caught up with Joanne to chat about her beautiful creations, and to learn a little about the designer&quot;I&#39;ve always loved sequin cocktail dresses dressing up, and so was drawn to the more fantastical and extravagant shores of fashion design from the start.My style is relaxed, a little bit vintage, a little bit quirky, a little bit stylish.amp;quot; Jane&#39;s Hair and Makeup Artist were Sarah and Natalie of Bridal Treatss&quot;I had a bridal headdress made by Polly Edwards.Neither Ritter nor his Sarasota attorney, Jason A.Other names who will showcase their work include Ashima-Leena, Rina Dhaka, Shantanu-Nikhil and Sulakshana Monga.Also Ant&#39;s dad is severely unwell and we were worried that he wouldn&#39;t be able to be there if we left it too long.Everytime something happened during the day they managed to be there- be it a smile, a tear, a funny face.I had no time to get my nails done so here I was on the Sunday morning looking for a salon open at 10 am.I think it’s very easy in getting side tracked about the glamour &amp; grandness of some venues that make you lose the meaning of what a wedding actually is to you and what you need from a venue.