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Weights Loss Secret No.2

Aug 22, 2013

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As I said, without a doubt, the biggest impact on my weight was removing sugar altogether, and substantially reducing my intake of refined carbohydrates – which in Indian context, simply means replacing your white rice with brown rice, and eating much less of the many breads or rotis that you eat.

My second secret was this – replacing those bad carbohydrates with good, healthy food.

At the same time as removing sugar and – in my case – bread and potatoes, I increased my consumption of other green vegetables, I increased my protein intake – meat, chicken, fish – and I no longer restricted my fat intake.

These days I eat fatty meats, cook with butter and ghee, and eat lots of vegetables.

Now you would think that would make you fat – not at all, provided that you reduce the refined carbohydrates.  The thing with fat is that it fills you up quite quickly, so you eat less.

And your body processes it actually very well. That’s not true with sugar and lots of refined carbohydrates like white rice.

Triglycerides are the fats in your blood – and a high triglyceride reading is a strong indicator of an impending heart attack. The moment I removed sugar and refined carbohydrates my triglyceride levels plummeted by two thirds – my doctor was amazed.

Especially, because I have a diet high in fats. I eat plenty of eggs, I don’t trim the fat off my meat, and as I said, I cook with butter. Add to that healthy vegetable that contain plenty of fiber, vitamins and other nutrients and important things called antioxidants and you are eating a healthy diet!

So – secret number 2 – replace those bad, refined carbohydrates with healthy vegetables, and a bit more protein in your diet and whatever you do, don’t restrict the fats.

I know that it’s counter-intuitive. But it works. After all, this is how people ate a century ago, when no one was having heart attacks and no one had diabetes. Just think about that – by turning the clock back a hundred years and eating more like people ate back then, we can virtually eliminate diabetes, heart disease and stroke.