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Weight Loss Secret -1

Jul 27, 2013

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I’m not a tall man by any stretch of the imagination – but I used to weigh 107 kgs.  Today, I weigh 82 kgs. So over the last 4 years or so, that means that I have lost – and indeed kept off – 25 kgs. That’s a lot of weight.

Last time I travelled to India, my suitcase weighed 23 kgs – it was so heavy.  Well, that was the extra weight I used to carry around. So I was close to having full blown diabetes and I was at a very high risk of cardio vascular disease. I’m 54 years old, so there was every chance in my early 50’s that my life would be suddenly cut short.

I’d tried everything to lose weight – and I had before, but always put it all back on again.

Until I discovered that the latest medical research is telling us that it’s not the fats that we’re eating causing all the problems, but the refined carbohydrates – sugar first and foremost, rice, potatoes, all the different breads that you eat in India.

Our bodies were never made to eat all those carbohydrates and in fact, carbohydrate consumption as sky rocketed in the past century – which is why so many people are having heart attacks and dying of diabetes.

So – here’s my number one secret – I took the sugar and most of the refined carbohydrates out of my diet, whilst at the same time not limiting my fat consumption.

Do you want to know what happened? I lost a lot of weight – gradually – and am able to keep it off effortlessly.

So  – remove all the sweets, and if possible, replace your white rice with brown rice, and eat just a little less of that.

Without a doubt, you will lose a huge amount of weight without even trying. Oh – and the other thing – your doctor will be delighted with your blood test results.

And the best thing – after a week or two, I was almost never hungry, I ate less and the weight dropped off.

That – the latest medical research tells us – is exactly what’s meant to happen.