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Content managers: Please do not change the language of my videos from English to anything else!

Welcome to my artist pages!

I hope you enjoy the videos and music. The content that I've uploaded is NOT made by me, UNLESS explicitly told so. I'm an artist but all the content I upload has not been made by me but I merely share them here from other platforms and other producers.


I wanted to bring nice videos from other platforms like YouTube and GodTube to this platform and that is the reason for uploading videos which I haven't produced myself.

Type of art: Videography, Photography, Music

Equipment: Varies

r3eat 은 새로운 비디오Will Smith and Carlton Banks hilarious dancing를 추가했습니다.

Will Smith and Carlton Banks hilarious dancing

r3eat 은 새로운 비디오World's Tiniest Horse Visits Patients At Children's Hospital를 추가했습니다.

World's Tiniest Horse Visits Patients At Children's Hospital

r3eat 은 새로운 비디오Worst sport accident를 추가했습니다.

Worst sport accident

r3eat 은 새로운 비디오ENDGAME - Blueprint For Global Enslavement - An Alex Jones Film를 추가했습니다.

ENDGAME - Blueprint For Global Enslavement - An Alex Jones Film

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