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My Glorious|Austria

A new musicvideo, two new videologs, a new record and a new EP. So much stuff... you better check out our updated page:)


My Glorious is an Alternative Rock trio from Vienna, consisting of singer/guitarist Sami Goodenough (UK) and the twins Gregor Sailer (AT) on bass and Paul Sailer (AT) on drums. Since they started out in 2008, My Glorious have performed in Austria, Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, the UK, Israel, Palestine and have toured the US five times.
Their debut EP "Leper" (2008) conquered the college radio charts throughout the US. Some Higlights of the past are supportslots for Delirious?, Revolverheld, Jupiter Jones, Jars of Clay and a bombthreat against the band.

In Febuary 2010 their current album “Home Is Where The Heart Breaks” was released in Europe and the US. 2011 this album won the International
Independent Music Award
, which is the most important award in Indiemusic.
The album also generated such buzz in the new media, that Starproducer Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tool, System of a Down...) became aware of My Glorious and offered to produce their next album.

From December 2010 to Febuary 2011 the band has been working on the upcoming Release "Inside my head is a scary place" in California with Sylvia. The
album was released on Sept 30th in the EU and will be released in the US in Spring 2012.

The sound of the band has been described as Coldplay meets Foo Fighters and represents groove based indie rock with passsionate melodies. The lyrics dig deep below the surface and are an „honest attempt to understand life“.

“My Glorious play music in a crowded space, I can’t even guess the number of bands I receive details from who play this style of indie rock and the vast majority sound like a poor copy of U2, if that isn’t an oxymoron in itself. So it was with a rapidly beating heart, not in a good way, that I listened to the tracks that Astrid (PR) had pointed me towards, but my fears were dispelled immediately.

What makes for a good sounding band? If there was a formula I guess everyone would sound the same, but one essential ingredient has to be passion, mixed with creativity and this comes in shovel loads from My Glorious…”

11. Jul 2010 20:00
Luftgrobm Markt Allhau, Burgenland, AT
17. Jul 2010 20:00
Charity Rock Ottenschlag, Niederöste, AT
24. Jul 2010 22:00
Gloria Regensburg Regensburg, Bayern , DE
30. Jul 2010 20:00
12th And Porter w/ The Ettes Nashville, Tennessee Find Tickets
01. Aug 2010 20:00
USA Summer Tour BRENTWOOD, Tennessee , US
02. Aug 2010 20:00
Balcony TV Nashville, Tennessee
16. Aug 2010 11:30
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tour w/ Caleb Lovely Pennsylvan
04. Sep 2010 19:30
Key2Life Festival w/Jars of Clay Marchegg, Niederöste, AT
16. Oct 2010 20:30
Zwölf zehn Stuttgart, GERMANY Find Tickets
28. Oct 2010 20:00
B72 Wien, Wien, AUSTRIA
Weitere Infos: http://www.myspace.c om/mygloriousmusic#ixzz0rUklYkh3

Please go here to listen to "Inside My Head Is A Scary Place" and the "Minefield EP" (released only in the US). We're very proud of our latest works and hope you'll like them too! In fact, if you enjoy them you can find links to stores here.




Hi, my name is Leah I want to fool around for a while http://cutt.us/j21xxx

My Glorious 는 새로운 사진첩Minefield Tour - The Finale!를 추가했습니다.

My Glorious 는 새로운 사진첩The Minefield tour continues...를 추가했습니다.

My Glorious

Touring through Germany at the Moment. lovely... and hard. but good!

My Glorious 는 새로운 사진첩Minefield Tour Start!를 추가했습니다.

My Glorious 은 새로운 비디오My Glorious - A Heart on Fire (Video) 를 추가했습니다.

My Glorious - A Heart on Fire (Video)

My Glorious A new musicvideo, two new videologs, a new record and a new EP. So much stuff... you better check out our updated page:)

My Glorious 은 새로운 비디오Albumcover photo shoot (vlog #32) 를 추가했습니다.

Albumcover photo shoot (vlog #32)


Oh my God It is a very cool video thanx for posting this


Funny and cool

My Glorious 은 새로운 비디오My Glorious - Flower (Official)를 추가했습니다.

My Glorious - Flower (Official)

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