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Yeon Lee

yeon|Korea; Republic of

Love your neighbors as yourself " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

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For that we are requesting for partners can join us and funding the project that we can be able to achieve our vision. We humble request for your prayer and a contributions that can make |더 보기

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Hi, my name is Cindy My private webcam see here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


God bless you sister in 2016!


Happy birthday! I wish you the blessing of God.

yeon joined the prayer MI LUZ Y SALVACION of chambacu

iglesia argentina es de cristo



Thak yuo grretings Yeon. Grretings and blessings in Finland !!


Joy is a fruit from the holy Spirit: Rejoyce in the Lord always! Blessings


Thanks for your greetings Yeon! And don't forget we serve a good and faithful God. Full of love and grace.... Greetings and blessings !

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May many bless by your Job

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So what are YOUR small graces in the Lord?

So what are YOUR small graces in the Lord?

Many of us have had moments where something's happened to show us God really does care about | 더 보기

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